Book Review Policy

*Please note that the genre I am most interested in is Young Adult. This doesn't mean I will not fully embrace and enjoy your book... I have been blown-away by books that I hadn't expected to be.

*I will gladly host a book and/or swag giveaway, blog tour, author interviews, contests, etc...

*I prefer print books, there's something I am obsessive/compulsive about.

*I will notify you when I prepare my review for public posting. I welcome any comments you may have or suggestions on how to improve them (without compromising my opinion, of course).

*I will always review in a professional manner, honestly and tactfully.

*I post my reviews on Goodreads, Book-Savvy on Facebook, Twitter, Borders, and Amazon.  I also link my reviews from Google Buzz, Google Reader, Networked Blogs, Book Blogs, and Blogs With Bite. If there are any other sites you know of I am happy to oblige (I love networking).

Please contact me via e-mail for mailing address, requests, or any additional information.

*I am a "Librarian" on, if you need any assistance updating, adding, or correcting an author profile or book information I'm more than happy to assist you.