Saturday, December 11, 2010

Out With A Bang Read-A-Thon

Out With A Bang

2010 is coming to a close and many of us still have several books on our 2010 to-be-read piles that we just haven't gotten to yet.
I know I still have an embarrassing number of 2010 Debut Author Challenge books to read! 

So...Casey at The Bookish Type and I were discussing this dilemma and thought:
*How awesome would it be to have an end-of-the-year readathon to catch up, clear out, and prepare for the amazing books 2011 has in store for us?!* 

Hence was born the Out with a Bang Readathon!
Out With A Bang will run from December 29 - 31 
Participant guidelines will be simply to read as much as possible during that time! 
Casey and I are mainly focused on all the fabulous 2010 debuts, but this is NOT a requirement! 
You can read whatever the heck you feel like!
As if you need an extra incentive to participate: 
Each blog will be giving away tons of 2010 Debut swag and books during Out With A Bang 
(a lot of which are signed)
I'll post a teaser list when everything has arrived, but for now just know there is some AWESOME stuff from Kristina McBride, Julie Kagawa, Jeri Smith-Ready, and much more currently being held hostage by the Post Office in what I refer to as Holiday-Mail-Pocalypse. In other words, it'll be here before the challenge because Christmas cards should have stopped constipating the postal system by then, eh?! 
(I kinda wish no one would participate so I could keep it all)

Casey and I each will host our main giveaways on Book-Savvy and The Bookish Type
The Linky to sign-up will be integrated, so you only need to sign up once, but watch BOTH blogs for our individual challenges and giveaways.
there will be fun daily Mini-Challenges, hosted by the following fabulous bloggers:
So watch these guys, too. They will outline their challenges, giveaways, and rules.

December 29th:

December 30th:

December 31

Thanks SO much to the Authors, Bloggers, and Readers who are making this event possible!

It's not too late to donate or to sign up to host a challenge. If you're interested, e-mail Casey or Heather
The more, the merrier, right?

If you would like to participate as a reader simply sign up in the linky below! 
You MUST be signed up to win anything.


  1. You know I love participating in your events, Heather! I'll sign up when I see Mr. Linky although since I didn't sign up for DAC 2010, I'll be getting rid of books off my TBR pile.

  2. Linky's been FOUND and is 100% operational

  3. Thank you for this awesome challenge! I just received 3 debut author books which I'm dying to read :D

  4. So just to clarify, we don't have to be doing the Debut Authors Challenge to participate? I can just read lots of my books?

  5. Great challenge, although I will never get all the books on my tbr pile read by the end of the year. :)

  6. I'm Hannah from Every Little Thing. I'm not interested in winning the prizes, so no need to enter me into the giveaways and stuff(let others get them!), but I'll participate! Good luck to everyone and I'll see if I can't help spread the news!

  7. haha I was just thinking these past 2 weeks how behind I was with my YA and library reading challenges - love this!