Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Crossroads Day 11 ft Jordan Deen

Becoming a werewolf is not an option for seventeen-year-old Lacey Quinn, but death can be a strong motivator.   Lacey is so focused on her future that everyday life has passed her by. Counting down the days to her eighteenth birthday, Lacey is almost home free. But when she falls for the mysterious Alex Morris, she lands in the middle of an ancient war between two enemy wolf packs. Tempting dreams, tantalizing lies and a dangerous love triangle ensues leaving Lacey heartbroken and confused. Lacey's fate rests in the hands of Alex and Brandon, but both are pulling her strings for their own agendas. Even as she slips further into the dark world of werewolves, Lacey struggles to find the truth and save the only family she's ever know.

Jordan was kind enough to stop by and answer a couple questions...

Book-Savvy: Describe your main Character in 5 words.

Jordan Deen: "Hi, Heather! Thanks for hosting the Crossroads Tour! Lacy Quinn in five words? Tough! Okay, frustrating, laughable, endearing, naive, and love-sick."

Book-Savvy: What was your biggest personal sacrifice becoming an author?

Jordan Deen: "I think it's the lack of space in my brain. My characters tend to run amuck in my head sometimes so it's hard for me to concentrate on other things (you know, life in general) when I have a scene playing out in my head. There are days that I fight to quiet the characters ans their issues, especially when I'm having my own, and it just doesn't work until they've been satisfied."

Book-Savvy: If you were stranded on a desert island which of your characters would you choose to be stuck with?

Jordan Deen: "This is a no-brainer for me. By far, Alex. I'd love to be stranded anywhere with him- doesn't have to be a deserted island! He is an addiction and one of my favorite characters to write.

Thank you so much, Jordan! 

You can read the first two chapters of The Crescent here! 

Jordan also sent me some awesome swag to give away to one lucky commenter. Please include your e-mail address so I can contact you.

If you haven't checked in today, Meet Me At The Crossroads! Check out today's question and explore the participating blogs for the answer, then follow the instructions to submit your responses for a chance to win a ridiculously awesome grand prize featuring goodies and books from all The Crossroads authors!


  1. This book sounds sooo good! I have loved this Crossroads Tour. I have been introduced to a whole bunch of great authors!!

    I am soo excited to read Crescent! Thanx for including the first 2 chapters!!!


    My Bloody Fairy Tale

  2. I loved the trailer and read the first two chapters of The Crescent and loved them. That settles it. I have to get it. This week. I'm just too curious about what happens to not get it.

    Heather R.

  3. Another book on my OMG-NEED-TO-BUY list!