Friday, January 7, 2011

Temperature: Dead + Rising by Adam Santo

Temperature: Dead and RisingTemperature: Dead and Rising by Adam Santo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This terrifying story begins with Sally awakening nude in a morgue with a mysterious man she's never met before. Bo has been charged with retrieving, Wakening, training and protecting Sally. Sally is now one of the undead, a regulator created to help keep balance among the supernaturals. As they venture through Colorado seeking out a safe place for Sally to begin anew they become acutely aware there is another group hunting her. The Church knows Sally is exceptional. She is a Slaver, she has the power to raise and control the dead. If they can dominate her the Church will be unstoppable.
As the story progresses Sally grapples with the loss of the life she was just beginning which brings an interesting twist to the horror of it. I've read a full spectrum of zombie books and have never found anything quite like this. Some of the mundane elements were over explained; while a few of the major plot points were vague. As I broached the halfway point I felt strongly connected to the characters, but still had no clue who they were or why. As I neared the ending most of my questions were sated and by the last few chapters I become very intrigued about the potentiation and continuation of the story. I must share that what I read was a proof copy and since these are very early in the editing stages, these specific issues will probably be ironed out by the final publication.
This story was a truly horrific, hard-core, but humanistic thriller. I can't wait to get my hands on a finished copy and re-experience this brilliant nightmare!

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